Policy on Disposal of Waste

Opticians produce a variety of waste. This will include waste similar to that produced by households and other businesses. We also however produce waste which is sector specific such as unused ophthalmic drugs or disposable pieces of equipment which have been in contact with the patients' eyes.

As producers of waste we have a legal duty of care to ensure that it is disposed of properly. Optomise adhere to the policy on disposal of waste set out by The College of Optometrists and can be viewed on www.college-optometrists.org

All staff must adhere to this policy. 

Policy on Infection Control

The use of appropriate hygiene procedures and precautions to prevent exposure to and reduce the risk of transmission of infectious diseases within the testing area is essential.

Strict hygiene must be observed when dealing with patients. Particular attention must be paid to any equipment with which they may come into contact. Any such equipment should be cleaned with a sterile wipe before use by each patient.

Items of equipment which comes into contact with the patients' eyes must not be reused and must be disposed of in line with our policy on disposal of clinical waste. Disposable slieves must be used with Tonopens and a new probe must be used for each patient when using an i-Care tonometer.

Single dose eye drops such as Minims must only be used once then discarded.

Where possible, liquid antibacterial soap should be used for hand washing before and after each patient. Paper towels should be used for hand drying. Alcohol based hand cleansers should in the abscence of soap and water.

Our staff will always adhere to the infection control policies of the care facilities to which they visit. Appropriate protective clothing such as aprons or gloves shall be worn if directed to do so by care staff.

It is the responsibility of all our staff to comply with this policy.

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