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Eye Care

An eye test is a health check and as we grow older it becomes more and more important. For nearly 25 years we have specialised in providing eye care at home.

Sight Test at home

No two eye tests are ever the same, but in the domiciliary environment this is very much the case, and that is why we love what we do. Our job is to ensure that we provide the best level of vision, ocular health, and advice on every occasion.

Sometimes we get asked, "How can you test someone with dementia?" or told
"Mum has no communication so won't be able to answer your questions"
None of that matters, but it is where our years of experience proves invaluable.

When we visit someone at home we take into account how they are and what they can and maybe can't do.  Then we tailor everything to that person.  How we speak, where we sit, how we move can all be important.  Our aim is to make the person relaxed and comfortable and then to provide an eye test second to none.

If you have a specific question about a loved one, give us a call.  Making sure that our test and our visit is exactly right is the most important thing. 


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