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About Optomise

We formed Optomise in 1999 to provide a friendly, caring, and professional service for people across Northern Ireland who found it difficult to get out to an optician. 

We never thought as two local opticians we would grow to become Northern Ireland's largest provider of home eye care, win a number of prestigious National Awards, or have a team of over 20 people dedicated to providing eye care and advice on a daily basis.  

We are out and about across the province every day and we take great pride in the service we deliver, our ability to respond quickly, and the quality of our eye care.

Our optometrists are dedicated to domiciliary eye care.  On any given day we see people who are able to fully participate in their eye test and answer all of our questions, through to people who are not able to communicate or where dementia can make this more difficult.  This is where our dedication to domiciliary eye care comes to the forefront.  Over the years we have developed numerous techniques to ensure we provide the best possible eye test, every time.

Our dispensing opticians are on hand to ensure the quality of the spectacles we supply and our clinical advisors support the optometrists, assist with the eye examinations, and are available to answer all your questions.

Our support centre serves the teams, organises our appointments and are
your first port of call for any questions, queries, or advice.  

It may sound daft but we know Northern Ireland like the back of our hands. We are local and when you call us, we will know where you are talking about.

We are passionate about our work and the service we provide.

If you are looking for a local friendly, professional service, contact Optomise,
we will be delighted to come to see you.

Again thank you for taking the time to visit our website.
We are a small local business and really appreciate all the support we receive.

See you soon!


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